March Birchbox

After  hearing so many reviews about this monthly subscription box, i had finally decided to sign up to it as see what it was about. What i liked about it is how you could try out new products before you buy them and introduced me to products of brands i never tried and as well one which i never heard of before.  I am someone who likes to try new things out such as makeup, skin care and ever hair care i thought this monthly subscription would be prefect.

I liked the fact how when you review the products you get it would add to points and once you collected enough points you can use the points and buy products from the site itself. Which is another bonus.

so here is my first birchbox review/opening

IMAG0733 (1).



IMAG0735 (2)1

Here is what i got:
IMAG0739 (1)

Rituals- The Rituals of Sakura Foaming Shower Gel : got 50ml | RRP £4.50

I have heard of this brand but never used it, i got the foaming shower gel, it is a gel which turns in to a foam once  you add water to it. It’s cherry blossom and organic rice milk to soothe and cleanse the skin who does love that? The smell is quite pleasant smell which isn’t to strong, you can definitely smell the cherry blossom and a hit of rice milk.

I can’t wait to try this Foaming shower gel and its not because cherry blossom as to be one of my favourite scents.


Bastiste- 2-1 Invisible Dry Shampoo& Conditioner: got 50 ml |RRP £4.49

IMAG0742 (1).1I have never been a fan of Bastiste dry Shampoo i have used it many times but i  get the same result as it seems it does do nothing for my hair and doesn’t make a difference. So when i opened the box and saw it i wasn’t to sure how i felt about it as its a brand which really is doesn’t work for me, but i will definitely give this one a go as it a new formula hopefully this will work for me and i will like it. One more this i like about it how not only a dry shampoo but a conditioner as well.

What it is :a new formula which refreshed the roots and nourishes dry ends.  how to use it: shake well and spray it all over the hair, starting from the root to the ends, massage it in and then brush it though


Benefit- They’re Real! Double the lip: got 0.75g Net wt 0.02 0z| RRP £16.50


When i got the email saying this was one of the products we would receive in this months box i was  quite excited as i wanted to try it due the concept of a lip liner and lipstick in one and seemed interesting . I had recently saw a similar one by a brand called laneige two tone lipstick.

I can not wait to try this out because its so easy  to apply as as its only one step. Its has a custom teardrop shape the tip is the lip liner and bottom the lipstick the two- in-one formula gives the appears of fuller lips.

How: Position the point along the upper line and apply, then flip upside down for the bottom lip.

The colour i chose was Pink  Thrills as i thought was summer around the corner it would the colour will look good.

Caudalie- vine (Activ) Glow activating Anti-Winkle Serum: got 10 ml |RRP £36

IMAG0741 (1).1This is a brand which i have seen around and heard off but never tried so can not wait to give this a go. Helps protect the skin from pollution, stress and tiredness,  its a anti-cell burn-out complex to brighten dull skin and smooth fine lines. It as a faint smell and the serum itself isn’t to thick but a light and watery texture that blends into the skin it doesn’t leave no sticky residue.

How: like most serums use daily morning and evening  covring the face,neck and décolleté (lower neckline) before moisturiser.


IMAG0740 (1).1Balance Me- Instant Lift primer: got 5 ml| RRP £22

This brand is completely new to me and can not wait to give this a go, i have used many primers but hardly any of them work with my skin, as i have extremely oily t-zone. I will give this one a go and hopefully it works well with my skin type. It has 99% of natural blend of  hyaluronic acid is good for the skin and as many other benefits and it has acaia gum, it tightens and diffuses for smoother refines the skin.

How: apply a small amount to the skin to prime and tighten and following your usual moisturiser.






4 thoughts on “March Birchbox

  1. Oooh what a lovely box!!! That lipstick looks so amazing, the serum also sounds quite lovely. Do you get a say in which products you get in your box? Or is it totally random? I’m not familiar with BirchBox!


    1. when you join they would have a beauty profile like what your skin types is, skin concerns, skin tone and hair concerns, your ethnicity, etc.. they would send products according to your answers so its totally random. sometimes they would email you telling one of the products you will get. they will give you the option to chose which ever one you want or you can chose surprise me which means you might get either one, like for this month it was the lipstick, which they emailed saying to chose the lipstick colour you want.
      Hope that helps

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