We are always told how important vitamins are for the body, but did you know they also are great for the skin, from improving skin elasticity to Moisturising and even protecting from UV radiation.

So here are some of the benefits.


Vitamin A

Prevents dry scaly skin

Helps skin retain moisture

Helps strengthen connective tissue of the skin

Improves skin elasticity and thickness

Reverses signs of photo-ageing in the skin

Good sources of vitamin A include: cheese, eggs, oily fish, fortified low-fat spreads, milk and yogurt .

The main food sources of beta-carotene are: yellow, red and green (leafy) vegetables, such as spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes and red peppers

yellow fruits, such as mango, papaya and apricots

Vitamin B5

Promotes normal function of the skin

Encourages cell regeneration and wound healing


Vitamin C


Helps in the synthesis of collagen

Helps strengthen capillaries

Photo-protective function against UV radiation

Prevents immunosuppression

Maintaining healthy skin

It is found in a wide variety of fruit and vegetables such as – oranges and orange juice, red and green peppers, strawberries, blackcurrants, broccoli, brussels sprouts and potatoes.

Vitamin D

Promotes the healing of the skin

You can get it from foods such as , oily fish – such as salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel and fresh tuna, red meat, liver and egg yolks and also the sun about late March/early April to the end of September, most people should be able to get all the vitamin D they need from sunlight, p.s make sure to apply sunscreen 20+ when out in the sun.

Vitamin E


Promotes tissue growth

Speeds healing

Protects against sun damage (anti-inflammatory)

Relieves skin dryness, promotes smoothness

Enhances UV blockers in sun care products

Slows down conversion of soluble collagen into insoluble collagen.

Maintains healthy skin

You can get it from, plant oils – such as soya, corn, olive oil, nuts,  seeds and wheatgerm 

Vitamin F

Restores the skins natural barrier function

Maintains moisture levels in skin, reduces dryness.



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